UVM students create art collective

A group of students have created their own unofficial art club out of necessity.

When first-year Jess Molinaro, a studio art major, came to UVM last fall, she was disappointed she couldn’t find an art club at the activities fair, Molinaro said.

Art is an important part of Molinaro’s life that she “uses for therapy more than anything else just to relax and get out of her head,” she said.

Molinaro was motivated to create her own art club to fill the void until she saw the daunting list of steps required to officiate a club, she said.

After a few weeks of doing art on her own, Molinaro finally found an opportunity to make art with others.

“I was so happy to discover people sitting outside all working on art together and playing music one day,” Molinaro said.

This was one of the many informal “art jams” hosted by the Art Jam Collaborative, a public group on Facebook that coordinates sessions for students to make art together.

The collaborative was started in fall 2015 by sophomore Vanessa Palermo and a few of her friends, she said.

“It was a way to meet new people, get outside and connect with our creative side, as well as inspire and draw inspiration from collaboration,” Palermo said.

The collaborative has flourished into a community of over 350 people, according to the Art Jam Collaborative at UVM’s Facebook page.

With all the interest one might think it could easily become an official club very quickly, but that is not on the club’s agenda, Palermo said.

“Making it a club has the potential to give the appearance of exclusivity,” Palermo said. “We wanted it to be casual and completely student-run.”

Since the collaborative is so self-sufficient, Palermo said art jams are only held in the fall and spring, given that there is no indoor space reserved to hold them.

Additionally, without any funding from the school, supplies are either purchased by Palermo or brought by members.

“It difficult sometimes for me financially, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make,” she said.

As the weather warms, art jams will most likely be held at least once every two weeks outside of the music building in between the Redstone and Athletic campuses, according to Palermo.

To all prospective members, Palermo said, “Join us in making this world a more beautiful and collaborative place.”