Vantage Point celebrates latest installment


UVM’s literary and arts journal Vantage Point celebrated the release of its fall volume, Volume XII, on Friday, Feb. 10, an unseasonably warm Burlington evening.


Hosted by Maglianero’s, the celebration showcased contributors’ artwork and featured readings by writers published in the journal.  


The bands Pals, Keppe Rub, and Fridge and the Spin$ performed at the event. 


Vantage Point biannually publishes work from about 40 to 50 contributors, who are university students and staff members. The journal features a range of artwork, from poetry and prose to sculptures and paintings.  


Each week, members of the Vantage Point staff gather to review its pool of submissions.  Contributors to the journal can send up to six pieces each semester, which are anonymously evaluated for publication by staff. 


Each batch of contributors are essential to shaping the semester’s publication, as each issue is different, Ellen Keane, senior co-editor-in-chief, said.


“We are diverse in our publication, with the hopes of displaying the most talented individuals and creative works possible,” Keane said. “Our success is not possible without the creative talents of our contributors.”


Vantage Point has grown immensely since its inauguration. Now boasting 80 pages of content, the journal is bound by Queen City Printers. 


Jackson Tupper, layout director and contributor to this most recent Vantage Point, said he was pleased with the final result of Volume XII.


“Having a book that showcases high-quality student art and literature is so cool, and we’re really fortunate to have the funding to put Vantage Point together,” Tupper said.


This recent volume of Vantage Point includes cover art by Literary Director and contributor Frances Cannon.


Inside, there are both black and white and color photographs representing the artwork published in the journal. The color pages are in the middle of the journal, and the black and white photographs are printed alongside written pieces.


Keane said the Vantage Point staff is interested in improving the journal’s reputation for its spring issue.  


“It is our understanding that not a lot of people know that we are a club that exists on campus,” Keane said. “UVM’s collective and creative voice is loud and Vantage Point provides a venue in which writers and artists are encouraged to find their voice and delve in creative endeavors.”


Another goal is to encourage a broader group of writers and artists to submit their work for future volumes.


“We did struggle with a lack of submissions this semester … which makes it difficult for us to put together a diverse collection of the best student work,” Tupper said. “We can only improve the quality and diversity of the publication with the help of students simply by submitting work.”


Copies of the most recent Vantage Point can be found around campus, including in the Bailey/Howe Library, the Davis Center and the Royall Tyler Theatre.


Those interested in contributing to the spring issue of Vantage Point should email their work to [email protected] A full list of submitters’ guidelines can be found on the Vantage Point Facebook page.