What have students been wearing at UVM?

Each morning of our often hectic, crammed lives, we always wake up and contemplate the question of what we are going to wear.

As snows melts away and the temperature rises, students across campus are ready to take self-expression to a fresh new level, with jackets, backpacks, shoes, sweaters and all types of accessories.

Many students agree the campus atmosphere allows people to feel comfortable and confident with what they wear in public, and maybe willing to take a few more risks than normal.

“There’s definitely a safe space here,” Camp said. “I actually see people who are male-presenting but have painted nails, wear skirts and behave in a very feminine way, and no one really gives a second look, which is nice. There’s definitely a movement for inclusion in that sense on campus.”

But behind the countless Patagonia jackets, laptop stickers, Supreme sweatshirts and dangling earrings, UVM style is not as easy to define as it seems.

“Besides winter coats, everyone wears whatever they want,” first-year Erick Eisenbiegler said. “I once saw a dude riding a skateboard in a onesie.”

Maina Carey
“I got into this rut of wearing sweatshirts and leggings everyday because of college and how stressful it is, but ever since it got warmer out I’ve been able to rediscover my personal style,” first-year Maina Carey said.

Although it’s difficult to characterize the typical outfit of the everyday student, patterns emerge in the form of brand names and accessories.

Libby Camp
“A North Face Jacket and Bean Boots [in the winter] are probably the most popular pieces of clothing,” first-year Libby Camp said.

“Also Birkenstocks,” Camp said “I see a lot of people wearing them here.”

Noah Schneidman
“And flannels and blue jeans,” first-year Noah Schneidman, said. Schneidman said the only two colors in his wardrobe are black and blue.