Cynic Fit Check: 4/20


Annalisa Madonia

Dodge wears a whistle necklace in the shape of a snail and a silver necklace from his childhood.


Hundreds of students gathered on the Redstone green as the clock slowly approached 4:20 p.m. in what is likely the most exciting holiday at UVM. Anticipation—and smoke—filled the air.

From neutral to neon and plain to patterned, 4/20 gives people the perfect opportunity to present their fashion style in the most unique and outrageous ways. Here are our favorites for this year’s 4/20 fit check.

Sophomores Evan Dodge and Emma Luikart

THE CYNIC: How would you describe your style?

DODGE: Since coming to UVM, I’ve changed a lot in terms of the way I dress, so it’s kind of an amalgamation of a bunch of my old stuff and a bunch of my newer stuff. 

LUIKART: For me, I feel like I’ve been building up my closet, getting into different stuff.

THE CYNIC: What are you wearing today?

DODGE: This blueberry hat was knitted by [Luikart’s] mom. She has a strawberry one that’s the same pattern. This was my brother’s, it’s a Burton sweatshirt. These overalls [are ones] I got for a Halloween costume first semester, and I just needed overalls. 

I have this little snail whistle necklace that I got from Replays. I can play it, it’s just a three tone whistle. This necklace is something I had as a baby, it’s just my name. And I have a lot of rings. 

LUIKART: This bandana was from my mom. It’s silk and green. I did both of our makeup. That was just for fun, [a] celebration. I have this leather jacket. I think I thrifted it a while ago, I can’t remember where, probably somewhere near my hometown in Vermont. 

I have this green corset halter top, I think it’s leather. These pants I thrifted at some point. They don’t normally have these patches on them, but it was for a play that [Dodge and I] did. [Dodge] was in it and I was costume designer.

First-year Aaron Yue

YUE: I drove 9 hours to be here. I go to school here, but am taking the semester off. I told my friends, I swore I was gonna be here for 4/20, and I made it. I was telling them this entire time, “we have this gas mask, you have to try it,” so I’m really happy to be here.

THE CYNIC: How would you describe your style?

YUE: Recently, I’ve had the really nice feeling that my wardrobe is complete. Even on a laundry day, I don’t care ‘cause I like the clothes I’m wearing. A lot of them are shirts with a little more pizazz because they’re old or thrifted, like they’re cool vintage. 

I wear a lot of big baggy stuff, I like that. I like being a little bizarre. Cool sunglasses or a funky hat, something that makes you stand out, that’s what makes it so fun.

THE CYNIC: Describe what you’re wearing.

YUE: From bottom to top—got my Vans UltraRange MTE boots, Nike socks, some anklets that my friend made for me, jorts from a thrift shop. My belt is from Philmont, New Mexico [from] a boy scout camp.  You can only get it there. 

My sweater vest, a collared white shirt, this jacket, I thrifted. I have rings on, and I made my own earrings. The gas mask is from a shop in Virginia. And I have a fanny pack.

THE CYNIC: Tell me more about the gas mask. 

YUE: My friend, Phillip, he’s my friend from home, he’s also taking a gap semester and he found this at Virginia Tech in a shop. He was waiting to get it. [He wanted] a Joker mask originally, but it sold out ‘cause it was Halloween. And he went back a month later, and this was there. It’s fucking awesome. It was supposed to be a bong first, and they made it into a gas mask.