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UVM cannabis consumption reaches a new high

UVM police services watch over the crowd of students gathered on Redstone campus for the 4/20 celebration April 20.

Mills Sparkman, Summer Editor

August 15, 2019

UVM has been ranked the top school in the nation for cannabis consumption, according to the latest rankings from the Princeton Review. Also in the top five were the University of Rhode Island, Wesleyan University and Skidmore College, according to an August 9 VTDigger article.  Every year...

The art of lighting up

Colorful bowls are on display at the Bern Gallery on Main Street. The Bern Gallery was opened in 2004 by Tito Bern, the company’s CEO.

Keely Lyons, Senior Staff Writer

April 27, 2019

Bongs, hookahs and bowls of every color and style adorn the Bern Gallery, a local smoke shop on Main Street. Large and artful pieces that can cost up to thousands of dollars sit near the front of the store. Glass gargoyles and dragons sit on display in the shop. The Bern Gallery was opened...

Community and students show up for Wellness 5K

Sporting courtesy blue 4/20 5K t-shirts, runners leave the starting line at the UVM Wellness Environment 4/20 5K for Wellness in front of the Gucciardi Fitness Center at 4:20 p.m. April 20. Just a few hundred feet away on Redstone campus, students used cannabis in celebration of the 4/20 holiday.

Allie O'Connor, Assistant Culture Editor

April 26, 2019

Despite the rain and overcast weather, several hundred students and community members gathered on the indoor tennis courts and turf of the Patrick Gym for the fourth annual 4/20 5K for Wellness April 20. At the same time, students from all across campus trekked to Redstone campus to participate in a ...

Culture Staff Recommends: fun things to try the next time you get high

Culture Staff Recommends: fun things to try the next time you get high

Culture Staff

April 25, 2019

Whether you’re toking up on your own or sharing with a group, check out what the Culture staff recommends for high time entertainment and grub.   The Joy of Painting Jonathan Greenberg Bob Ross’s series is a must watch. No matter your current state of mind, it is impossible not to ...

Ayahuasca: the alternative antidepressant

Ayahuasca: the alternative antidepressant

Caroline Slack, Assistant Feature Editor

April 24, 2019

Though psychedelics are often portrayed in popular culture as recreational drugs, psychedelics like ayahuasca have played a role in religious ceremonies and alternative medicine. Josh — not his real name — a junior, was 23 when he took mental health treatment into his own hands with a do-it-your...

Interview with a pusher: drugs on campus

A student rolls a joint in his dorm room on April 20 in preparation for 4/20. “There’s this whole stigma around buying weed. Like you go into a place to buy weed, you’re intimidated. You think, ‘I’m buying drugs now, this is a drug deal, this is illegal,’” said an anonymous student drug dealer.

Cyrus Oswald, Staff Writer

April 24, 2019

Cannabis doesn’t actually grow like a weed, at least in Vermont. So to get pot, most people have to buy it. To buy cannabis, you need a dealer. Greg is a pusher, or drug dealer, in his dorm. His name has been changed for this interview.  Greg lives on campus and deals with a partner. In his ro...

4/20: The past and present of UVM’s spring tradition

4/20: The past and present of UVM's spring tradition

Emma Pinezich and Lee Hughes

April 23, 2019

Cannabis celebration still riding high UVM’s annual 4/20 celebration entered a new era as cannabis possession was legalized in Vermont four decades after the event began. Even though possession of cannabis is legal in Vermont, UVM’s policy about it has not changed, said Annie Stevens, vice provos...

4/20 smokers ignore social justice

4/20 smokers ignore social justice

Staff Editorial

April 23, 2019

So often the fight to legalize cannabis is branded as a fight to have fun, but this ignores the serious repercussions that past cannabis laws have had on people of color. This past weekend saw the campus celebration of 4/20, when students gather on Redstone campus to celebrate cannabis. When the e...

How to get your own cannabis as a college student

How to get your own cannabis as a college student

Henry Mitchell

April 20, 2019

The 4/20 Redstone Campus smoke-out is a long-lasting tradition passed down from class to class. It’s an important symbol of UVM culture where students from all backgrounds unite in sharing the joy of cannabis in public, in broad daylight. Many participate every year, but some linger on the sidelines, g...

UVM students celebrate 4/20 by exercising, smoking

OLIVER POMAZI | The Vermont Cynic
UVM students gather on the Redstone Green April 20 to participate in 4/20 activities as UVM Police look on.

Chloe Chaobal, Senior Staff Writer

April 30, 2017

Some UVM students ran over three miles on 420. Others chose to smoke marijuana publicly.   The Wellness Environment hosted its second annual 4.20 5k for Wellness April 20. The race began on Spear Street promptly at 4:20 p.m., just as hundreds of UVM students lit up joints and bowls, f...

Students join 4/20 health run

(Left to right) James Hudziak, Wellness Environment director and Mayor Miro Weinberger count down to the start of Wellness Environment 5k April 20.

Kelsey Neubauer, Assistant News Editor

April 27, 2016

While clouds of marijuana smoke rose from the Redstone Green, nearly hundreds of students and community members gathered on Virtue Field for a 5K April 20. The 4/20 event was sponsored by the Wellness Environment program and over 800 people registered, according to the event’s website. The...

‘Groovy UV’: embracing a spirited tradition

'Groovy UV': embracing a spirited tradition

April 22, 2016

 Today marks a sort of “unofficial” holiday at UVM: 4/20. Hundreds of students will fill the Redstone Green and celebrate weed culture.The event is definitely a part of the culture here on campus, a place many refer to as “Groovy UV.”Whether or not you choose to take part in the festivities,...

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