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Cynic Fit Check: Feelings of Fall

Emily Kobus
Malone-Wolfsun enjoys the thrifting scene in Burlington.

Georgia Malone-Wolfsun is a senior from Vermont who finds inspiration in the changing of seasons, and exemplifies “dark academia” with her outfits, she said.

THE CYNIC: Where do you get your style inspiration?   

MALONE-WOLFSON: My style inspo right now is coming from the season for sure. Like I’m very inspired by seasons in general and fall is my favorite, so anything Rory Gilmore-coded, academia vibes, I’m there. 

THE CYNIC: Awesome. And where did you get today’s clothes?  

MALONE-WOLFSON: This is a Ralph Lauren cardigan jacket thing. This [shirt] is my sister’s. I don’t know where she got it but it’s a turtleneck. I have a little tennis skirt on from Alo. It’s actually a workout skirt but no one will know. 

And then these boots are from Free People. And this is my new pride and joy bag with a giant leather bow on it. I think it’s faux leather but it’s from the brand Ecosusi vintage.

THE CYNIC: Do you have any favorite stores around this area? Or even online?   

MALONE-WOLFSON: [I] definitely like the thrifting around here. I love The Vault. That’s my favorite place ever. 

THE CYNIC: How would you describe your style overall?  

MALONE-WOLFSON: I describe my style between a mashup of Rory Gilmore meets Eloise at the Plaza.


Gabriella Hahn is a first-year from St. Petersburg, Florida, who finds a lot of her clothes through thrift stores, and uses jewelry as a way to capture moments, she said.  

THE CYNIC: Where do you get your style inspiration?   

HAHN: Usually Pinterest, or I love “That 70s Show,” “Gilmore Girls.” Kinda like old TV shows. 

THE CYNIC: Where did you get the clothes that you’re wearing today?   

HAHN: Okay, so my little, like neutral vest [is] vintage from one of the vintage markets in Burlington, [which is] so cute. My black tube top is Free People. And my long denim skirt is from Zara. My flower socks are Free People also and my low-top platforms are Doc Martens.  

THE CYNIC: Where’s your jewelry from?   

HAHN: [My friend] made this. And my bracelet too. Yeah, I got a whole set from her for my birthday. 

Oh, this is APM Monaco. I got it in Monaco. This one is from a street vendor in Spain. This octopus ring is also [from] a random street vendor in Spain. 

This [ring] was a gift. I have no idea where it came from. This one’s Free People, my butterfly ring. And then this ring is made of an old Vermont coin that my ex-girlfriend got me from I don’t know where. From like Etsy or somewhere.  

THE CYNIC: Do you have any favorite stores?  

HAHN: I love Free People. A lot of thrifting, a lot of vintage places. There [are] so many good ones down here. I’ve been to, what, Battery Street Jeans? That thrift store I liked a lot. The [vintage] markets that pop up are always so fun. I love them.   

THE CYNIC: How would you describe your style overall?   

HAHN: I would say very cozy. I love comfort over everything. But also very versatile. I feel like I change on the daily.  


Bela Nieves is a first-year from Buffalo, New York, who finds her inspiration through apps like Depop and Pinterest, or even in the moment while shopping, she said. She finds the majority of her clothes at thrift stores.    

THE CYNIC: Where do you get your style inspiration from?   

NIEVES: I do a lot of searching on Depop and Pinterest. So I would say those are like my main two ones, but honestly, I’ve always just been a fan of going places and just being like, “Hey, that’s cool.”  

THE CYNIC: Where did you get all the clothes that you’re wearing today?   

NIEVES: So these are Converse. They’re Basquiat Converse. They did a collab with him, I think it was like a year or two ago. But these are technically custom ones. So I made the middle of them white. Because I wanted black and white shoes. So that was a super fun thing to do. 

These pants, they’re just regular jeans. They’re flexing comfort jeans. I got them at the thrift store. They were two bucks. And I was like, “Hey, those are a cool wash.” So I got those. 

And then this [sweater] is from a friend of mine. I think she thrifted it in New York City. So that’s kind of cool. Yeah, it’s so comfortable. I love having random vintage sweaters like this. 

Yeah, I have a shirt underneath it that’s something about biking. It’s about making the roads safer for bikes. I don’t know. I don’t even bike. I just got it at a random thrift store in Vermont. A Burlington one. 

This is a Pandora necklace. Um, I got it for my 18th birthday. I’m really into stars and stuff. So I got this one. You can flip it around and [it’s] two necklaces in one. And then this one is from my boyfriend. I put it on a chain so that [it] would match with my other one better. 

THE CYNIC: How would you describe your style? 

NIEVES: I would say comfortable. I like dressing up, but day-to-day I just go for what is going to be the most comfortable for me to wear, especially to class and stuff. But I do love jewelry a lot. So I’d say I get kind of comfier clothes but with jewelry, I like to step out of the box a little bit sometimes.

THE CYNIC: Do you have any favorite stores?  

NIEVES: Back in my hometown, the Salvation Army that’s right by my house always has the best hits and savers too. I love going thrifting and stuff. I’d say online. I do shop at Urban sometimes just when things are on clearance. It’s hella expensive in there. You can actually find good stuff on the clearance aisle of Urban so that’s where I usually go.

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Emily Kobus, Co-Photo Editor
(She/her)  Emily Kobus is a sophomore public communication major, concentrating in community media and journalism and minoring in political science. She began her work at the Cynic as a staff photographer before taking on the role of photo editor. In her free time, Emily enjoys writing, café hopping and exploring the outdoors. Email [email protected] if you'd like to get in touch with Emily.