Colorful clothing on campus: The students not going neutral for fall

On any given fall day on UVM’s lovely campus, you can swim in the sea of beige, black, white, brown and forest green fits adorning students. Alongside falling leaves and hot cider, the toned-down palette of autumnal fashion helps to mark the change in seasons. 

However, the gloomier weather is not always a factor in how students choose to dress. Some people are choosing to defy the trend of autumn neutrals and bring brighter colors into their wardrobes this October. The Cynic spoke with several of them to find out why. 

Sophomore Lila Tomlinson tries to manifest a brighter day through her outfits, she said Oct. 11.

Sophomore Lila Tomlinson

“If I have an exam or a heavy day—like today, I have the most classes—I try to lift my mood up and wear brighter colors. I enjoy the neutral tone style that is happening, but it’s good to mix it up every now and then. I try to manifest a brighter, more colorful day.”

First-year Barton Ritchay likes to spice things up by wearing neutral tones.

First-year Barton Ritchay

“I wear a lot of neutral tones, so I think it’s fun to spice things up. I got this bright-blue fleece from the Outdoor Gear Exchange last weekend, mainly because it’s super soft, but also the pattern is unique and I really like it.”

Sophomore Kelly Queen believes colors are a better way to express oneself.

Sophomore Kelly Queen

“It kind of makes me sad because everyone’s going the neutral route these days. I think colors are fun and it’s a better way to express yourself than wearing all brown, gray, black, white. Adding a little bit of spice to it keeps it fun.”

First-year Julia Penny takes inspiration from others on campus.

First-year Julia Penny

“I love neutral tones, but I’ve definitely taken a lot of inspiration since I’ve been here. I have a whole [list] of just things I want because I see them on people. I’ve definitely seen people with green pants; I thrifted these last week because I saw people with green pants. ”

Senior Jackie McGrath’s clothing is reflective of her music preferences.

Senior Jackie McGrath

“[My clothing] is more just to reflect what’s going on, what music I’m listening to or vice versa [influences how I’m dressed]. Like if I’m dressed like this, I’m not gonna let myself listen to something like Nirvana where you’re super angry.”

Sophomore Nat London, who typically wears neutrals, said she has brought more color into her wardrobe as a result of her friendship with junior Betsey Scrimgeour, who opts for brighter colors.

Junior Betsey Scrimgeour & sophomore Nat London 

Scrimgeour: “I never wear neutral tones because I find them very boring, to be completely honest. It makes my brain have no release of joy or dopamine. It’s really really cute on a lot of people, but I think it’s not necessary to stick to that for a certain season.”

London: “I’m a big neutral-tone person, especially on the weekdays, but I like to wear colors if I’m going out. But I can’t do that every day because it takes away the excitement of it. That’s why I save it for special occasions. I’ve gotten into wearing more colorful things more recently, probably because I’m friends with Betsey.”