Cynic Fit Check: Ashna Hille

Maggie Swanborn, Culture Staff Writer

Ashna Hille is a sophomore from Natick, Mass. She recently transferred to UVM and is double majoring in music technology and business, and health and society. 

THE CYNIC: How would you describe your style?

HILLE: That’s a really hard question. I would say I go for things that are pretty timeless, because I like things that last. If I would describe it, I would say a Canadian tuxedo is one of my staples. Not afraid of a Canadian tuxedo. Black and red are my go-to color combination, they make me feel powerful.

THE CYNIC: Who or what has influenced your style? Do you have a specific style icon?

HILLE: I wouldn’t say I have specific style icons. I’d say that the biggest influence I have is my mom. I have a lot of clothes from her, and because of that, I feel like part of my style is Y2K-mom. Like Lorelai Gilmore, really into a cute shirt with boots and bootcut jeans. You know Chessy from “The Parent Trap?” Definitely her. She’s got the big shirts and the high waisted jeans. Yeah, just comfy casual.

THE CYNIC: Can you tell me about what you’re wearing right now?

HILLE: So I am wearing this red sweater, turtleneck, tank top thing. Believe it or not, my grandmother gave it to me. 

And then I’m wearing my mom’s jeans. I’ve taken a bunch of her things over the years, but sometimes I’ll take them and not return them and sometimes I’ll try them out for like a couple of weeks and return them. But these have been permanent, a permanent fit. 

The belt I thrifted this summer. I’ve been looking for just a solid black belt. This is great. 

The boots I’m wearing are just [Dr. Martens], but I like them because they’re not your typical style of Docs. They’re a little hardy, with the metal accents, and they got a little more heel. And they’re fun because they’re steel-toed, so I can wear them out and not worry about people stepping on my boots or getting them dirty. 

And then the jacket was actually my dad’s jacket. It has darker denim with flannel inside, and I think it’s actually pretty warm. My dad wore them when he was a teenager, you know? So I kind of inherited them.

THE CYNIC: You mentioned that you’re wearing a lot of pieces from your family, do you enjoy wearing pieces that have sentimental value?

HILLE: Yes. A lot of my clothes, like all of them, are pretty much secondhand. My favorites are ones that people have given to me or have made somehow. I have a pair of jeans that my boyfriend embroidered little things into, and it’s really cute. This ring is from my grandmother, and this bracelet is from my grandma. My grandma has just decked me out. And it’s fun to see what things she gives to my sister and what things she gives to me. My necklace my grandmother also gave to me. Then my earrings are my mother’s that my dad gifted to her for their one-year anniversary. I asked my mom if I could take them because she doesn’t wear them that much. They’re my go-tos. I wear them all the time. 

THE CYNIC: Is there a particular reason you decided to wear this?

HILLE: Mostly for the sentimental value that all these pieces have, like this jewelry I always wear. These things are just my staples, and I like things that are going to be around for a long time. 

THE CYNIC: Is there anything else you would like to add?

HILLE: I don’t know. Maybe that, when I’m wearing a good outfit, I feel like a rock star. Yeah, that’s my level of what a good outfit is.