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A senior of ours, Tyler Nachilly, took this photo for our recent feature on CATS bus drivers.

A letter of appreciation to Cynic photographers

Sophia Balunek, Photo Editor May 4, 2023

From fit checks to important meetings, the Cynic’s photo section has it covered. Our photographers are always there to support our written words with images that can speak to another aspect of the...

Remi Wolf headlines at the University’s annual concert SpringFest, held this year on the Fleming green April 29.

Remi Wolf comes to UVM and brings the sun with her

Maya Surrenti, Culture Staff Writer May 3, 2023

Whipped cream cans circled the crowd during Saint Motel’s set, and after a dark, damp afternoon, the sun peeked out as Remi Wolf took the stage. UVM’s SpringFest 2023 took place Saturday, April...

UVM housing selection went way wrong

UVM housing selection went way wrong

Busy Anderson, Opinion Columnist May 2, 2023

UVM Residential Life has become public enemy number one just before the conclusion of this school year. Affected students are dishing out heavy criticism on mishandled housing assignments for the fall.  Rising...

SGA has new President and Vice President

SGA has new President and Vice President

Ethan Brodie, Cynic News Reporter May 1, 2023

Students elected junior Olivia Eisenberg and sophomore Carter Purple as President and Vice President of SGA, respectively, in elections held March 29-31, according to the SGA website. In their terms,...

Students crowd around a bong made out of a watermelon on the Redstone green.

UVM’s students celebrate 4/20, campus smells like weed

April 28, 2023

The crowd counted down from ten until the clock hit 4:20 p.m. on April 20. A large cloud of smoke hovered over the Redstone green, ringing in the much-celebrated day. A few Wellness runners jogged by,...

We can’t ignore the racist roots of cannabis criminalization any longer

We can’t ignore the racist roots of cannabis criminalization any longer

Olivia Langlan, Opinion Columnist April 26, 2023

Though much of the UVM student population is an enthusiastic supporter of a good blaze, American legislative policies and misconceptions surrounding weed need to grow past their racist and pseudoscientific...

Senior Eli Racusin discusses his experiences and contributions to the Cat ECare program during a kickoff event in the Davis Center April 17.

Narcan, bleeding kits to be added to AED stations under new CAT ECare program

Molly Yeska, Cynic News Reporter April 25, 2023

Updated and new emergency response stations and training classes for UVM affiliates will be implemented starting this summer, according to the CAT ECare webpage. The initiative aims to add to UVM’s...

Plants grown in the UVM Greenhouse on display April 22. The University’s Comprehensive Sustainability Plan aims to reduce carbon emissions and to address climate change.

UVM sustainability plan sets goal of carbon neutrality by 2030

Noah Diedrich, Cynic News Reporter April 24, 2023

The University of Vermont set a goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2030, according to an April 18 release on the University’s website. UVM released a new Comprehensive Sustainability Plan April 18,...

Students rally together calling for UVM to divest from the gun industry on the University green April 12.

Dozens gather, urge University to divest from firearms industry

Ella Ruehsen, Editor-in-Chief April 18, 2023

Editor’s note: This story will be updated as new information from UVM administration becomes available. More than 30 people gathered on the University green April 12, calling on UVM to evaluate its...

Erica Victoria, CARE team outreach coordinator, and Elliot Ruggles, sexual violence and education coordinator, lead “How to Fumble Toward Repair: A Transformative Justice Workshop” in the Living Well Studio April 12.

SGA initiatives for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Norah White, Cynic News Reporter April 17, 2023

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and SGA is engaging in new initiatives alongside administration to not only bring awareness to sexual assault but also to focus on the theme of sexual liberation...

The unpaved road to journalism at UVM

The unpaved road to journalism at UVM

Busy Anderson, Opinion Columnist April 17, 2023

The news—what’s in it, who wrote it, whether it’s real or fake—has come to occupy a designated place in our daily lives.  Readers, viewers and listeners often take sides, staying loyal to certain...

The Waterman Building (left) and UVM Hillels building (right).

Feds conclude investigation into UVM’s handling of antisemitism allegations

Norah White, Cynic News Reporter April 12, 2023

UVM has agreed to a voluntary resolution of an antisemitism investigation that has been ongoin since September 2022, according to an April 3 letter to the UVM community from UVM President Suresh Garimella. The...

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