Fall for Paris: Becoming Parisienne chic

Paris. There are countless things that people might think of when they think of the French capital.

Romance is definitely one. Rude French people, another. But what will always come to my mind when I think of Paris is the absolutely impeccable fashion of the Parisienne.

Fierce red lips, tiny frames and meticulously careless hairstyles will always be in vogue in Paris. While places like London and New York appreciate the eclectic individuality in fashion, Paris will always be classic, with the easy elegance of a trench coat or the simple beauty of a pair of Repetto flats.

The French expression, Je ne sais quoi, which literally means I dont know what, is the perfect expression for the effortless chic of French women.

Many American women strive to follow the French ideal of a woman. Lets face it French women are regarded as the seductresses of Europe, without really even trying. They could very easily make a simple oversized T-shirt and jeans ooze sex appeal not that they would ever be caught dead in such an outfit.

That being said, my friends who have dated French girls also highlight their high-maintenance attitudes and their particular vanity. In that regard, Im proud to admit that I will fit right in in Paris.

To prepare for my little semester-long jaunt to Paris, I have definitely stocked up on the classics, like a simple, oversized boyfriend blazer, a fitted trench and a pair of (imitation) Repetto flats. I have heard that these atrociously overpriced leather flats are in fact a key part of becoming a true Frenchie.

My goal for the semester: to observe this mythical creature called the Parisienne and to learn exactly how to emulate this persona. And, of course, to share my findings with you.