The qualms of dating by way of apps

Tinder. OKcupid. Friendsy. Coffee meets bagel.

If you are a person in college, you have most likely dabbled in online dating.

The ability to view millions of single people’s profiles and judge them in one swipe…what more could you ask for?

My experience with online dating has been comical, to say the least.

I download the latest app, open-minded and hopeful that this time, I will meet a decent human being I have something in common with, and we will go on a date, make out and ride off into the sunset.

I made my profile with  the best pictures, and a mini memoir about my life, and waited.

Two weeks later, I decided to delete this devil’s board game off my phone.

If I had a dollar for every time I got a message from someone who either was over the age of 30, from India or asked me how big my tits are, I would have paid off all my student loans.

The few times I have gone on a date, it has usually ended in disappointment. Being stood up, led on or ghosted gets to you after a while.

I think to myself, “What is wrong with me?” “What did I do?” “Why does nobody want to go out?”

Cue self-loathing and pity.

I feel this is a common experience. As women, we sometimes base our self-value on others’ opinions of us.

We are conditioned to believe our value lies in our ability to attract men.

This attitude is not only heteronormative, but crushing when we wait in coffee shops for dates that will never show.

But you know what? Nothing is wrong with us.

It’s the system that’s fucked.

We are trying to streamline dating, a very complicated process, and make it as easy as swiping your fingers.

I say, nay! I am sick of fitting myself into six pictures, 200 words and a five minute survey.

I am so much more than that, and someday someone is going to see that.

So, The Dapper Vagina challenges you all to delete all the apps and let someone see you for you, not your profile.