Why does cleanliness matter?

Cleanliness in an apartment and dorm is so hard to maintain with such busy schedules — rising early for 8:30 a.m. classes, late night study sessions and parties.

But I am going to walk you through your home to give you the 411 on how often you must clean the essentials to stay healthy.

The kitchen

Sponges. Imagine you are in a hot, cramped, smelly basement at a party. Now imagine that basement is the sponge and you are the germ. Gross.  

According to National Science Foundation’s International Household Germ study, the kitchen has more germs than any other room in the house.

The sponge is 200,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat.sponge-1-pic

In order to tackle these germs, USDA recommends microwaving the sponge for two minutes after soaking it with hot water and soap to kill over 99 percent of bacteria, yeasts and molds that are partying and thriving on your sponges at this very moment. How often should you do this?

The honest truth is every day.

I also hate to tell you it’s important to replace the entire sponge every week, and when it begins to stink.

The bathroom

Bathtubs. If you frequent the bath, and love to take them in order to get your relaxation on, that’s great, but I want you to bleach it prior to your indulgences from now on.

I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but the bottom of the tub is gross.

That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.

According to Dr. Philip Tierno from the Today Show, bathwater contains dissolved dirt, bacteria and other microorganisms that cover you and your roommates’ bodies coming from hair, skin and dirt.

It’s important to bleach the tub every week and before playing with your bubbles.

The bedroom

Sheets. If you think that you and whoever else you’ve invited into your bed are alone, then think again.

You are honestly sleeping with millions of dust mites and dead skin cells.

According to Woman’s Day, dust mites love warm, damp areas; aka your bed. The feces of the dust mites can irritate asthma and allergies.

So, it’s crucial to wash them every two weeks, or sooner if you are sick, to rid of these uninvited guests.

So, zap the sponge, bleach the tub and rinse the sheets to shut down the germ parties in your home.

Evict those germs.