Let’s Keep Making America Great

Though this may well be one of the most heartbreaking days in many of our young lives, remember that this is our country, the divisions that define it define our lives and our futures, its losses are our losses and its victories are our victories.

As dark as the future may look to many of us, remember that this is the world we built, we are citizens of this great nation, and we have no choice but to face the next four, maybe eight, years with the president our fellow Americans have elected. Remember that even though we in our liberal bubbles feel broken and defeated, the outcome of this election is the product of those who have lived their entire lives feeling the same way.

As threatening as the new political landscape may seem, remember that it is a product of the democratic system we signed up for, that we participated in, and that will eventually, hopefully, restore the progressive, inclusive values we hold dear. There is no denying that things are changing, but our democratic system is based on change–for better or for worse. Remember that our government represents our populace, which includes each and every one of us. If this is where our country has come to, we all need to take a serious look at our values and choices, at everything we’ve been taking for granted. For many of us, the new administration will prove to be an incredible obstacle; many of our lives will change.

We’ve been given a challenge: to live in a world that will be uncomfortable, unpleasant, and radically different from the world we know now. Please do not shy away from that challenge. Take what we have been given, face these next few years with unflagging determination to maintain the ideals that make this country the best in the world. America is already great, it is up to us to keep it that way.