Ask Doctor Schmynic

Dr. Schmynic is here to solve all your important problems that you’re afraid to ask your parents, RA, and your friends. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. Dear Dr. Schmynic, I have been dating this guy for a long time, since the beginning of my senior year of high school. Since coming to UVM, with him at another college, I have been having feelings of temptation, especially with some of other boys I meet. I love my boyfriend dearly, and I know if he was here things would be different. I never get to see him, and he can’t really come visit me. But it’s so hard being here away from him, with all of these cute boys! Should I break off and make it easier, or suffer another lonely semester up here in the cold?-Lonely in Living/LearningDear Lonely in L/L, This is a classic example of what happens when you go away to college. Ha, ha….I remember when I was in college. When I was 17, I had some very odd beer. Anyway, what you really need to do is stay true to yourself. You don’t want to hurt your boyfriend, but your also in college and its a time of self-exploration. Don’t cheat on him, cheating on someone sucks…even if it could be the love of your life. Wait, and talk things out with him because its the right thing to do. Anyway, you know what’s best for you so make a list for yourself, talk it over with your roomate/best friend, and make a collective decision about what’s best for you. – Dr. Schmynic Have a question for Dr. Schmynic? Send it to us at [email protected]