Back on the ballot


 SGA presidential candidate Kofi Mensah’s name is back on the ballot. “We are going to retract the sanction that takes Kofi Mensah’s name off the ballot,” SGA Chair of Finance Nick Cafarelli said at the SGA meeting on March 23. At the beginning of the weekly meeting, Speaker of the Senate Julia Michel said that President Bryce Jones has vetoed the elections committee’s decision to remove presidential candidate Mensah’s name from the ballot. However, before the veto was put into action Cafarelli announced that the committee was retracting the sanctions. Chair of Student Action Tyler Wilkinson-Ray said that he felt the process of bending procedures to fit the situation has created confusing complications. In an email Senator Tyler Buswell explained mistakes on the part of the elections committee are why the sanction has been retracted. “The Election Committee reaffirms the truth that Kofi Mensah has broken rules pertaining to the election of an SGA presidential candidate and that it is only by procedural error on part of the elections committee that the consequences of his sanction were not followed,” the email stated. Mensah said he hopes the turnout at the meeting shows how much some students do care about the election. “I think this is going to set a precedent for future elections,” Mesah said. “People are going to look back and say ‘we want to make sure that any future election is as fair and transparent as possible to both the candidates and the student body.'” Elections will be held on March 24 starting at 8 a.m. through March 25 at 4 p.m..