Bill Tickner Wins SGA Presidency; Vows to Expand Lines of Communication

Look out folks, there’s a new big man on campus. Bill Tickner was recently elected to be the Student Government Association’s president for the 2001-2002 academic year. He will replace current SGA president Chris Allen on April 10. “I’m so excited,” Tickner, a Rhode Island native, said. “When I came here, I wanted to be as actively involved as possible.”Involvement is something he has certainly accomplished in the past few years. As a freshman, he immediately joined the SGA as a senator. “Everything that happens on campus goes through you (as a senator),” Tickner, a junior sociology major, stated. “You get to see, and facilitate, a lot of exciting changes.”Tickner also joined Fiji (Phi Gamma Delta) and remains active in the fraternity as the vice president. “When I got the chance to pledge, I jumped on it. Fiji is just a great organization.” Even before his nomination for president, Tickner was preparing for the spotlight as the chairman of the Public Affairs Committee for the SGA.He is responsible for instituting two student feedback forums. Tickner has revived the Vermont Student Opinion Poll (VSOP), which randomly calls students and asks questions based on current campus politics.Another forum is the committee’s email address (founded by Tickner) called [email protected] Students can email, or go to this webpage, and anonymously discuss issues they feel are causing a negative impact on campus.”This is totally anonymous — in no way can we see who wrote it if you submit on our website,” Tickner said. “This is a great way to gauge what bothers our students without them worrying about any repercussions.”Tickner’s dedication to hearing the voices of students is a major theme in his presidential campaign: “I think communication is a huge issue, both for students and faculty. We want information from students on what they think of their university; we’re also dedicated to getting information out to them as well.” He also recognized the precarious position the UVM administration is currently in, but expressed hope for the future. “I think UVM is at a really good point right now; we’re in the position to find some excellent leaders for the university.”Tickner also discussed the resignation of President Judith Ramaley by saying it “was sad to see her go. She was a very student-oriented president, and I can only hope to have a president as concerned with the students as she was.”