Campus construction gives UVM new look


Campus will look different to many returning students due to construction across campus.

In addition to construction, several UVM offices have been moved to new locations.

According to Bob Vaughan, Director of Capital Planning and Management, the following offices have moved:

  • The CatCard Center moved from the Davis Center to the bottom floor of Billings.

  • The Computer Depot was renamed the Tech Center and moved to Billings, creating a sin- gle location for all tech services.

  • Career Services has moved into what was once the bottom floor of the bookstore, on the second floor of the Davis Center.

  • A new advising center has moved into the first floor of the Davis Center near the tunnel.

In terms of navigating cam- pus through construction, the detours put in place around Central Campus last year are still there, Vaughan said.

“The fence line is where it was so there is no impact to stu- dents or buses,” he said.

The fence lines currently block off access to most of cen- tral campus behind the Bailey/ Howe library. A map of the fenc- ing can be viewed on the pro- vost’s website.

Despite the detours, many students say they are looking forward to seeing the finished projects.

Sophomore Maria Kerch- ner said she was annoyed with the construction when she first came to UVM.

“[However] I’m excited for the [first-year residence] build- ing to be finished,” she said.

Senior Gemma Del Rossi ex- pressed similar anticipation for the residence hall.

“I’m excited for the sky bridge,” Del Rossi said. “The construction doesn’t really im- pact me because my classes ar- en’t over there; I don’t need to go to the Medical Center at all.”