Cash stolen at Bailey/Howe

For students who may feel that UVM Police can’t help solve petty crimes, at least one student group will disagree. Police Services helped a group of community development and applied economics (CDAE) students find money they raised for a class project that was stolen in the Bailey/Howe Library. Junior Amelia Schumacher said her group was raising money for the Himalayan Cataract Program and had a lunchbox full of cash stolen from them in the library two weeks ago. “They took about $65, so we didn’t think that the police would do something for such a small amount of money,” Schumacher said. We were surprised when only hours after the incident, Police Services had already contacted us, group leader Kenly Flanigan said. They found video footage of a student stealing money from a backpack and got a still image of the student as he left the library, she said. “From the moment it happened, they have been in contact with us every step of the way,” sophomore and group member Alyssa Peteani said. I hope people can learn from our experience and know that the police can really help with small cases, Schumacher said. The student turned himself in to UVM police on April 6 when he found out that there was video footage of him, and the money will be returned to the group, Flanigan said. “Police services are handling the situation, so we don’t really know what’s going to happen,” she said. “We are just glad that it has been resolved.” The group is a part of an entrepreneurship class that requires students to run their own businesses for four weeks, and the money raised goes to charity, sophomore Alishia Goreman said.