Clubs booted for inactivity

Students who have visited the Lynx recently may have noticed the absence of a few clubs. Six clubs were de-recognized by the Student Government Association last month and are no longer considered functioning organizations by the University, according to the SGA website. “Clubs are only de-recognized if they are inactive [and] have no members,” said Amanda Adams, chair of the Student Activities Committe. The clubs include Campus Progressives, Chinese Literature and Language Club, Elias, Students Against War, New Sudan Education Initiative and Vermont Campus Energy Group, the UVM website stated. To remain an SGA-recognized club, they must have regular contact with the SGA, hold regular meetings and have a consistent membership, according to a Senate bill. A rubric was created by the SGA that lists criteria that clubs must obey to remain in good standing, according to the Club Point Allocation worksheet. “The club point allocation is SGA’s internal tracking method to see who is completing which SGA requirements as outlined in the bylaws and policies,” Adams said. Stipulations include attending meetings, reporting member count and fundraising at least $100, according to the worksheet. Some students said that the process is complicated and do not want their club recognized by the SGA. “You have to be really dedicated to go through the process,” Adams said. Sophomore Brie Timm said she is a part of the Grandma Club that meets every Sunday and knits. “The Grandma Club is not an actual club, we’re not recognized by the SGA, but we still have a lot of members and don’t have any of the restrictions,” Timm said. “It’s a lot less complicated.”