Course registration delayed due to construction project

Class registration for the fall 2015 semester has been pushed back one week due to construction projects according to an email sent to students by the office of the registrar.

Registration will open April 7 for seniors and will continue on for the rest of that week with juniors April 8, registration for sophomores April 9 and finally the first year class will be able to register April 10.

“We have a building and lab building coming offline to be demolished to be part of the larger STEM construction project,” registrar Keith Williams said. Demolition of buildings will start this summer, Williams said.

“We knew that the construction project would be a very large building and that students and faculty would have to get around it,” Williams said. “So at the same time we had to change the meeting time between all courses and had to go to 20 minutes between classes.”

During the STEM construction project, the University will have less classroom space. The registrar had to decide if the University would build more classroom space or hold the same number of classes with fewer available rooms, Williams said.

The office of the registrar spent time in the fall of 2014 modeling and planning for classrooms, Williams said.

“This is a big change, we had a lot of [class]-rooms [becoming unavailable] and the times of classes changing,” Williams said.

When the office of the registrar ran the scheduling program, large and important courses were left without classroom space, Williams said.

Williams said it became clear to him that class registration dates would need to be pushed back.

“We decided that it was the thing that we could change to give students the opportunity to build really good schedules for the fall,” Williams said.

“I got an email from the school saying that [registration] was going to be delayed, and I saw it on the UVM portal page,” said first-year Jade Ferguson.

First-year Marta Carreno wasn’t aware of the change. “I didn’t know that registration was being delayed a week, and I don’t think it really affects me,” Carreno said.

“I don’t see how one more week of deciding what classes I’m going to take could be a bad thing,” junior Simon Ross said.

The office of the registrar has not received complaints or commentary on the scheduling delay, Williams said.

“I know the student body and the faculty are not shy about sharing if it was a problem,” Williams said. “The registrar’s office is one of those areas at the University that if its run well, people don’t have to think about what we do.”