Fear in the wake of Eck

The incident that occurred last Friday has had definite repercussions on the Campus. I live on the third floor of the Harris building. I am a freshman, the same as the majority of the building. The first year of college is a transition period, almost everything is different. Some of these things are good; some of these things are bad. The first two weeks of school should be spent on getting your mind adjusted to classes, making friends, having fun. Not being a victim of assault by a naked, drugged up individual. There are so many other things that preoccupy the beginning of the college experience; it’s a shame that this is one of them now. Since last Friday, the conversation that I’ve been hearing is different. Girls are genuinely afraid of rape and abuse. Numerous times, I’ve been asked to escort a girl back to her dorm, or walk her back from a party, or stay close by. There is true fear now. I was speaking with one of my friends, and she said that a man came by her dorm to sell t-shirts. She told me that she was frightened when she saw him. She opened the door thinking it was one of her friends, and then quickly seeing that it wasn’t it was filled with fear. When I asked her if should have thought twice about that before the incident, she said no. The awareness level is very high through out this building. People have calmed down enough, and are able to behave normally. But this incident has a cloud of uneasiness around it. People directly involved, when questioned reply that they simply don’t want to think or, talk about it. It was a traumatic experience and it never should have happened. When asking around my floor about how that makes people feel, one comment was, “If I had gotten back from the concert just twenty minutes before I did, I would have been in my room, with my door open, all alone. I keep thinking about it and it scares me so much… I don’t ever leave my door open like that any more.” This year, policy has tightened things around campus. The dry residential halls have been all the talk this year. It’s interesting that so much has been done to keep us “safe” in that manner, but then a naked man can run around the fourth floor assaulting people. It doesn’t make sense to me, and I don’t think it makes sense to anyone else either.