Flames Tear Through Living-Learning

For the second time this semester a UVM campus residence had to be evacuated. Sunday night a kitchen in Living-Learning Building C, room C170, erupted into flames causing major damage and a large fire department response. It was reported that the fire began around nine and was cooking-related. Residents told the Vermont Cynic that it was their understanding that the fire started as a result of an unattended pan of grease being left on a burner. There was significant smoke and water damage caused to C170 with the room being completely gutted after it was deemed necessary. The lobby of the Living-Learning C building as well as the six suites above the origin of the fire also suffered damage as a result of smoke. Early estimates of the cost of the damage have been reported as being in the area of about $100,000.

The building was evacuated quickly with no injures reported. Over one hundred residents found safe haven in the close by Harris/Millis dormitory during the blaze. “It seems like whenever we have fire drills four to five trucks arrive within five minutes,” explained a student who had been forced out of his dormitory. “This time during a real fire only one showed up after about ten minutes.” The displaced students will be spending Sunday night at the Holiday Inn on Williston Road, as provided by the university. It is expected that most residence will be able to return to their living quarters as soon as Monday, but residents of the suites closest to the fire’s origin will spend additional nights in the hotel. Thanks to the heroic act of one resident, a tragedy was averted. It was explained to the Vermont Cynic that a student by the name of Rick Martin was able to bust open a door in the Women of Tomorrow suite, freeing a trapped resident during the chaos before firemen arrived.