Kappa Delta will join UVM Greek life soon

The Sorority Interest Group (SIG) has officially become the Kappa Delta Sorority, according to UVM Panhellenic Council.

The motion was passed by a majority vote Feb. 9, as required by the Panhellenic Constitution and bylaws, said Pat Brown, director of student life.

Kappa Delta will most likely become officially colonized by the end of this semester, Brown said.

Kappa Delta was chosen or “slated” by the Panhellenic Council to be the next National Panhellenic Conference member group to come to UVM in 2010.

Thus, SIG aligned with this sorority, said Kim Monteaux, assistant director of greek life.

“SIG is honored to been involved in the process, which has brought Kappa Delta, such an incredible organization to campus,” Katie Zimmerman, SIG president, said.

“We’re excited to be working with UVM fraternity and sorority life in the process of extension,” Zimmerman said.

After the decision was announced, members of SIG have been able to connect and reminisce about their experience in the group, and what it has meant to them, Zimmerman said.

The process has been surreal, she said.

She remembers the group’s first meeting with Monteaux. Zimmerman mentioned how clear Monteaux was about how challenging the process could be.

“Ultimately, SIG’s success wouldn’t be possible without the support of the entire Greek community,” Zimmerman said.

“They have not only welcomed us, but educated us on the strength of fraternity and sorority life on campus,”she said.

Zimmerman looks forward to watching both Kappa Delta and the Greek community grow together.

“I don’t think we as a group could’ve asked for a stronger organization to lead us into this next chapter of our lives,” she said.

“SIG becoming Kappa Delta is a great opportunity to expand Greek life here at UVM,” said Gracie Long, Kappa Alpha Theta’s chief operating officer.

“It creates opportunities for more women to be leaders and gives them the framework to make life long bonds of sisterhood,” she said.