ResLife will renovate Converse

ResLife has made plans to make changes to UVM’s oldest dorm.

A project was presented by Richard Cate, vice president of Finance and Bob Vaughan, director of Capital Planning Management, to the board of trustees Oct. 21 which would seek to improve Converse Hall’s exterior masonry and roof, as well as many other smaller issues inside.

Converse was built in 1895 and is in need of repairs.

Soon to be adjacent to the newest dorms on campus, the maintenance needed is further highlighted by the multi-million dollar buildings currently under construction.

The stone on the outside of the building is falling apart and repairs are needed for windows and wood inside the building, according to the resolution, titled “Residential Life [Fiscal Year] 2017 Deferred Maintenance (Converse Hall, Phase II)”.

The renovations would potentially cost $2 million, which would come from a ResLife fund for maintenance and improvements, according to the resolution.

“The worst part is because it is a smaller dorm and older it is often neglected by the fix-it people,” sophomore Converse resident Michaela Eckler said.

There are many issues with the building that have been around since the beginning of the year, Eckler said.

“We have had things that need to be replaced from the first day that still have not been fixed,” she said.

Though there are issues, Eckler said she’s still able to feel at home.

“Overall though it’s not horrible,” she said, “we make it work.”

For sophomore Kristina O’Donnell, the majority of the issues are on the inside of the building.

“The outside of the building seems fine to me, it’s got this old castle style that I like,” O’Donnell said. “I think there’s a lot work they should do on the inside.”