Smokers face discrimination

I stood this past evening outside of my dormitory at University Heights North 2. I was overjoyed, I had just finished my homework and it was nearly 11pm. I had run downstairs to meet a friend of mine from Harris. I stood beneath the overhang just outside the door. I stopped, pulled my pack of Camel Filters from my pocket, sparked it and handed the pack to my friend. He promptly did the same and we stood for 5-10 minutes beneath the overhang, watching the pouring rain slide past, shooting the breeze, as our cigarettes slowly burned down. Behind us we heard the door click and slide open. Surprised we turned to see who this could be. “Would you mind moving at least 20 feet from the building to smoke those?” The small RA asked. I looked at him with a smirk, he must be kidding…right? “It’s pouring rain,” I said to him. “It’s policy…” he replied. He waited until we moved out, strolling toward Harris, in the sideways rain. We turned around in time to see him disappear inside South Complex. I full well understand the 20′ policy; but for God’s sake! We weren’t bothering anyone, no one but our fellow smokers would be outside in such a maelstrom anyways. On top of it all, I was leaning against a cigarette butt container that was located…where else? Beneath the overhang! Can I get some compassion? As I reflect now on the situation, it’s no different than life has always been. Since I first began smoking cigarettes I have always faced innumerable amounts of…perhaps not prejudice, but something of the sort. My friends constantly barrage me with advice. “It’s a gross habit.” “It’s expensive.” “It causes cancer.” All smokers fully understand the consequences of their actions. For Christ’s sake it’s printed right on the side of every single pack we’ve smoked in our lives! Since childhood we have had the negative effects of smoking drilled into our growing brains, it’s is merely a choice we make. Why is it then that the rest of society looks down upon cigarette smokers? What about cigarettes makes us any less legitimate? My choice to smoke is no different than someone else’s choice of say…whether or not to drink alcohol. Why is it socially acceptable for a friend to sit outside with me, smoke a marijuana cigarette, and look down on me condescendingly as I light up a Camel. At least cigarettes are legal…right? Anyways…thanks everyone at the Cynic for reading my rant. (I hope it was read at least). I’m not sure what will come of this, I just merely wanted to share the other side of the story, as I see many comics and such poking fun at smokers and the like.