Sophomore charged with drunk driving, vehicular homicide

Wearing a neck brace and sling, a sophomore appeared in a Massachusetts court Tuesday to plead not guilty to vehicular homicide.

Joseph Castano was released on $25,000 bail in Massachusetts following a deadly drunk driving accident last weekend that left passenger Craig Sampson dead. Sampson, Castano’s childhood friend, was a student at Endicott College, according to a April 26 Boston Herald article.

Castano, who played on the varsity soccer team in 2014, faces charges of vehicular homicide after crashing his father’s BMW into a utility pole while leaving Endicott, according to Salem News.

Photo courtesy of UVM Athletics.
Photo courtesy of UVM Athletics.

Son of Assistant Provost Kerry Castano, the sophomore was found to have a blood alcohol content of .22 percent after the collision. His trial begins in June, according to Salem News. Until then, he will be allowed to return home to Williston, Vermont.

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