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You can prevent DUIs to save lives

You can prevent DUIs to save lives

Staff Editorial

September 20, 2017

One week ago, a member of our staff was at a small party on campus, drinking with eight of her friends in a residential hall. As the night went on, the group got rowdier. At 11 p.m. one of the party attendees, a sophomore with a car on campus, suggested the group drive downtown to look at Lake Cha...

Sophomore charged with drunk driving, vehicular homicide

Photo courtesy of UVM Athletics.

Bryan O'Keefe

April 27, 2016

Wearing a neck brace and sling, a sophomore appeared in a Massachusetts court Tuesday to plead not guilty to vehicular homicide. Joseph Castano was released on $25,000 bail in Massachusetts following a deadly drunk driving accident last weekend that left passenger Craig Sampson dead. Sampson, Castano’s...

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