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Sororities welcome new sisters

Sororities welcome new sisters

This year’s greek life recruitment has officially begun.


From Sept. 22 to 25, UVM’s sororities held their annual “Formal Recruitment” sessions, in which over 200 sorority-hopefuls had the opportunity to meet the sororities on campus.


Students in attendance said they were excited to join greek life.


Alaina Kauippila, a first-year student says she see’s sororities as a “home away from home.”


“I expect sisterhood…and to get close with the people in my chapter,” Kauippila said.


First-year Gabby Rohland said she wanted to join greek life to follow in her parents footsteps.


“My Mom and Dad were in a sorority and a fraternity, actually, and that’s how they met,” Rholand said.


First-year Nea Arentzen said the process of joining a sorority takes a lot of energy.


“The first night…it was definitely more exhausting than second,” Arentzen said. “I had no expectation of what it’d be like.”


She said she enjoyed the overall experience of recruitment.


“One-on-one conversations with older people, who are interested in talking to you, is a cool experience,” Arentzen said. “It’s welcoming.”


First-year Carly Pento said she is looking forward to making friends.


“Entering UVM, I didn’t know a lot of people,” Pento said. “So, I’m looking for a community.”


Additionally, Carly mentioned that she’s looking forward to participating in philanthropic work. In high school, she volunteered at an elementary school, tutoring the students and helping them with any other academic-related work.


Kim Monteaux De Freitas, assistant director of student life for fraternity and sorority life, lead the recruitment event.


“Joining a sorority can have an influence on a woman’s college experience, but also her confidence, growth and friendships, which will last for a lifetime,” Monteaux said.


The continual growth sororities at UVM are having is positive, she said.


Roughly 600 students will be participants in sorority life by the end of this semester’s recruitment, Monteaux said.


Andrew Meek, coordinator for sorority and fraternity life, said the overall purpose of this recruitment is “to give a preview of this community to women who are interested; it’s a fair way to see how they fit in.”


The end goal of recruitment is to have the potential members “find an organization that speaks to them and [an organization] they want to be part of,” he said.

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Sororities welcome new sisters