Sorority suspended after social media posts

UVM’s Alpha Chi Omega sorority was recently suspended, pending review by their national office after “questionable” pictures were posted on social media, said Pat Brown, director of Student Life.

“I asked the national office to peruse some things and let me know what they find out, which is a typical kind of thing,” Brown said.

The reason for the suspension was some “inappropriate” content on social media, including some questionable pictures, he said.

Brown said he is not sure of the exact date, but that the photos were posted recently.

Emily Chamberlin, president of the UVM Alpha Chi Omega chapter, would not comment because of a national sorority policy.

“Unfortunately that’s just the position that we’re in,” Chamberlin said about the policy.

Brown said he doesn’t think it’s hazing, but that the national office will make the final call.

“If it appeared to be hazing, I would’ve reported it to police services for them to investigate, too,” he said.

“That’s up to the national office to sort of look at all that information and figure out what’s going on and what needs to happen,” he said.

Brown said he hopes to hear back from the national office soon about their investigation into the chapter.

The national office was in contact with the sorority immediately after Brown called them about the suspension, he said.

“They were looking to get some information back today,” he said.

Members of the national Alpha Chi Omega office were not available for comment by print deadline.

The last time a sorority at UVM was placed under suspension was after an incident Dec. 7, 2013, when three members of the Delta Delta Delta sorority were taken to the hospital for intoxication while on their way to a sorority event, according to a Jan. 15, 2014 Cynic article.

They were only under interim suspension, and the suspension was lifted Jan. 13, according to the article.