Student leaders to discuss club funding at Board of Trustees Meeting

Student organizations could see an increase in funding after this semester’s board of trustees meeting.


SGA members, President Jason Maulucci and Dylan Letendre, chair of the Committee  on Diversity, Equity and Environmental Ethics, will discuss a fee proposal at the upcoming board of trustees meeting, which begins Thursday, Feb. 4.


This will be the first meeting of 2016 where board of trustees committees will discuss various University issues such as budgets for meal plans, building repairs, a new UVM Rescue facility and Bailey/Howe Library additions.


The board of trustees is responsible for the management and control of all University affairs and creates policies and budgets, according to their webpage.  


Maulucci said he’s hoping to get a fee proposal for approved SGA organizations.  


“Our whole fee proposal about giving our clubs and organizations a raise based on inflation and cost increases will be determined,” he said.


Socially responsible investing is another topic Maulucci and Letendre said will be getting a lot of attention during the meeting. Letendre, who is a member of the Socially Responsible Investment Advisory Council said they give recommendations to the investment subcommittee.


The SRIAC is a council under the board of trustees made of community leaders who represent different parts of the University, according to its website.


The committee provides insight on how to invest in ways that benefit society beyond being environmentally-friendly, Maulucci said.


“The purpose of SRIAC is to look more broadly at what we can do to be more socially responsible, not just on issues of the environment,” he said.


Maulucci also said the board will decide whether to schedule a vote on approving the peer advising program for their next meeting in May. He said he expects no problems with that decision.


“By all accounts that’s going to go over fine, that’s just one thing to check off the list,” Maulucci said.


The meeting will begin 2 p.m. Thursday in the Livak Ballroom in the Davis Center and continue until 11:30 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 6.