UVM offers course on human trafficking

John Riedel, Staff Writer

UVM will offer a course on human trafficking this spring semester.

The course, “Trafficking: the Sex and Labor Trafficking of Human Beings,” is offered by the department of social work and will be taught by professor Susan Ryan, according to UVM’s spring 2016 courses list.

Ryan is the executive director of the Center on Disability and Community Inclusion at UVM.

The CDCI researches ways to help individuals and the families they live with who have developmental disabilities such as autism or hearing loss, according to the CDCI’s website.

“The course is designed to give students a better understanding of contemporary human trafficking and modern-day slavery,” according to the CDCI’s website.

The course will examine human trafficking on both global and domestic levels and how people with developmental disabilities are at risk of becoming victims, according to the CDCI’s website.
The course is three credits and open to all majors with no prerequisites. It is a lecture course with room for 75 students in total, according to the registrar.