UVM to cut spending, forgo salary raises

UVM President Daniel Fogel stressed the need to cut spending in addressing the University’s predicted 2010 budget deficit in a campus-wide e-mail sent on Dec. 2. Fogel said that there is a great deal of work being done to cut spending. During the last two weeks, UVM has been working witch the Ad Hoc Strategic Budget Advisers, whose advice Fogel said was “exceptionally thoughtful and helpful.” Several significant measures are being taken to reduce spending, including freezing raises for non-unionized and executive staff members, search suspensions for high level positions and increased student enrollment, Fogel said in the e-mail.In making cuts that have the potential to affect the students, faculty, and staff, Fogel says that the prime objective is to “enhance academic value” and also to “make decisions fully aware of the consequences for members of this community whose livelihoods may be at risk.””This is not a temporary belt-tightening exercise but rather a long-term restructuring of the base general fund budget,” Fogel said in the e-mail.Friday’s Board of Trustees meeting will see discussion and decisions for plans regarding the University’s budget situation.