UVM welcomes Class of 2019

With the largest applicant pool in the history of UVM, the incoming class has been given the title of  ‘most academically talented’

As the Class of 2019 walked through UVM’s doors for the first time Aug. 28, dragging boxes, refrigerators and large plastic bags to their dorm rooms, they looked like just another class of students moving in. But this class is different.

The applicant pool for the the Class of 2019 is not only the largest applicant pool that the University has ever seen, but has set a record as “the most academically talented class in school history,” they earned an average GPA of 3.53 on an unweighted  4.0 scale,  and an average SAT score of 1197 which bests last year’s average by 12 points, according to  UVM Communications

According to the same article, the nearly 2400 student class hais from 40 states and 18 countries. _MG_1712New international students make up 4.1 percent of the new population, Asian-American, Latino, African-American, Native American and multi-racial students are an estimated 11.5 percent and 16 percent are first-generation college students.

They will be among the first classes to make use of the new STEM complex on Central Campus and to experience new academic programs like UVM’s sustainability requirement, which will take effect this fall.

They will also be the first to use the $140,000 in new equipment the fitness center acquired this summer.