A brief breakdown of Trump’s persona in the debates

What a pity, truly. The lives of all Americans hang in the balance of a real-life reality TV show. Before I say anything, I must make an apology.

Sorry Teresa Giudice, flipping a table just isn’t newsworthy anymore. As Trump himself would say, “Sad. What a washed-up loser.”

I have a vision for the future filled with “lock her up” chants and murder conspiracy innuendos, as well as 3 a.m. Twitter attacks directed at beauty pageant contestants. My mistake, I was looking at yesterday’s news. Sad. If this is the present, what may the future hold, I wonder?

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Let’s discuss the presidential debates of 2016: three 90-minute exercises in resilience, of the variety that may well prove to be equivalent to water-boarding for some.

A good place to start may be posture. This sounds rather random, but there is a rhythm to the madness. You see, when you stand with your chest held high, you’re kind of doing what apes do. You know, the tried-and-true, “Monkey see, monkey do.”

It’s a technique to show dominance, typically in a pursuit of power, or to win over a mate.

We all know body language can present you as meek and unassuming, as confident and assured, or conversely as lazy, based on how you sit, or how much you stand up straight, for instance.

You can also showcase your animalistic furor, or even your… if you are up to it…your “submission?” Hmm… I don’t confess to knowing too much about that last detail, so to each to his or her own.

Anyway, getting back to the point here, Trump had quite the body language the second debate, which I’m going to guess is also probably the first time any presidential debate started without a handshake at all, which is noteworthy, in-and-of-itself. I wonder why the candidates didn’t shake hands?

During the second debate, Trump held his hands together in front, stood up tall and lingered by Hillary Clinton like a vagrant outside a liquor store. Can you get fined for perversely loitering by a woman? Well, I would say that is the definition of stalking. I wouldn’t be surprised, frankly, if some viewers expected the man to make a Bill Cosby-esque move. The anticipation, of course, leads one to think, what’s the worst that could happen? Try to absorb that.

This can’t possibly be the same man who said, and I quote, “I’ve got to use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her… Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

I personally think of the Tom Cruise character from the movie “Magnolia,” who gives lectures on how to pick up women by denigrating them, but he also just so happens to not feel loved by his daddy, and loses his composure in an interview when asked about his father.

It reminds me of when Trump threw a tantrum on the debate stage, because Clinton mentioned the fact that he got started with a multi-million dollar loan from his father, which shattered his illusion of being a self-made man. Sad.

Not to mention The Donald’s stunning lack of empathy. A man asks the candidates if they can be devoted presidents, and what does he respond with? Well, more or less the same line he’s said before: that all African-Americans and Latinos live in the inner cities, that they’re living in hell, teeming with groping, slippery tongues, footsie, and handcuffs.

Oh wait, I’m thinking of Donald’s office, or is it his bedroom? The questioner here was an African-American man, and for Trump to tell him he’s probably living in hell, and has nothing to lose, that’s insulting, just a tad, though you could say it’s standard Fox News.

Now, Clinton said a sentiment a lot of people can surely relate to: that “it’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.” And how does The Donald respond to this one? Well, he says, because she is the devil, he would put her in jail. Ouch.

There was a lot of applause on that one. That hurts. Oh, the nuclear level of hate in this election. After all, Hillary Clinton couldn’t find anything positive to say about Donald, so she cited his kids as being good people, but at least one of them compared undocumented immigrants to Skittles candy that people just don’t want, so there’s that. Did one of them retweet a white nationalist too? I wouldn’t be shocked.

Locker room talk. The one kind of talk where it’s all in good fun to use the word f****t and rate women’s bodies from one to 10. A great American pastime (sarcasm intended). I never knew so-called “locker room talk” could go as far as one admitting to sexual assault, from my time in locker rooms, but this is 2016, so who knows anymore.

With that recent “sex tape,” how ironic is it that The Donald ascends with mockery of the bumbling Jeb Bush for his stunningly “low energy” and stumbles off his pedestal, by telling his cousin, Billy “Bushy” Bush, of his exploits in a furniture store (I can’t say I approve of the nickname). Both Bushes fell to the mighty orangutan, the groper extraordinaire, the carnival barker, the voice of the “basket of deplorables!”

One lost a nomination; the other may have lost his career. Who knew being a Bush was akin to being a Kamikaze pilot, reaping destruction in your wake, but then imploding yourself.

Getting back to Trump, I’d like to point out some intriguing juxtapositions. He is an over-weight, balding man who bullies women for their weight and appearance. He has low stamina, as can be seen by his sniffling during the debates, and belittles others for their “low energy.”

Is he anything but a “whiny little bitch” (in the words of Bill Maher) who feels so small and insignificant that he has to launch twitter tirades against those that question his puny net worth? One might consider that; John Oliver once said, “Make Donald Drumpf Again!”