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Clinton devotes her life to the good of the people

Clinton devotes her life to the good of the people

Lily Spechler

November 10, 2016

I saw I had a text from my grandma, the one who never sends text messages because she doesn’t even have a texting plan. It read, “Girls, turn on your TVs and watch the first woman get nominated to be a presidential candidate of the United States of America.” My grandma was born in 1936...

A brief breakdown of Trump’s persona in the debates

A brief breakdown of Trump's persona in the debates

Jake Geller

October 27, 2016

What a pity, truly. The lives of all Americans hang in the balance of a real-life reality TV show. Before I say anything, I must make an apology. Sorry Teresa Giudice, flipping a table just isn’t newsworthy anymore. As Trump himself would say, “Sad. What a washed-up loser.” I have a v...

Brief “summery” of the 2016 election


Gaetano Martello

September 1, 2016

What a crazy summer U.S. politics has had! It’s impossible for me to cover everything that happened, especially since Donald Trump keeps making news every week, but I’ll try to give a quick rundown on what we missed while on break. As you likely know, former Secretary of State Hillary Cli...

Hillary Clinton just panders to her audience

Hillary Clinton just panders to her audience

April 15, 2016

I am going to jump right to it: Hillary Rodham Clinton is dishonest, untrustworthy and indecisive. She does not deserve a single vote from people who actually care about a candidate’s values and morals.Recently, Clinton condescendingly urged young people to do their own research when questioned ab...

Clinton won’t back down from her principles

April 15, 2016

I support Clinton because of her courage, authenticity and conviction.Time and time again Clinton has stood up for her principles. She voted for the war in Iraq. For years, Clinton stood up against gay marriage. For years, she promoted a “tough on crime” agenda. She also stood up for the rights of po...

Don’t shame women voting for men

Don't shame women voting for men

March 2, 2016

Many people have told me that wanting to vote for Bernie Sanders is just a phase. They cite different reasons: I’m a college student, I’m young, I live in Vermont. But the reason that makes me the angriest is the one I hear most often: I’m a woman.I identify as a feminist and want to see all ...

Sanders fans: if Clinton makes it, don’t back down

Ariana Arden

February 11, 2016

I would like to make a statement that may shock our liberal readers: Hillary Clinton isn’t the devil. Yeah, we’re all “feeling the Bern,” but we have to face the fact that there’s a possibility Sanders won’t win the Democratic nomination. It’s obviously too soon to tell ...

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