Campus Voices

Hey skiers and snowboarders, whatÕs your favorite mountain?

ÒThatÕs a tough one. I spent a lot of time at Bolton when I was younger, but I have a Stowe pass now. BoltonÕs lacking eclectic trails and StoweÕs moguls challenge me more.Ó

-senior Trevor Ogden


ÒOkemo Ð because of convenience, I guess. IÕve been working there since December. ItÕs a great place to ski and a good family mountain.Ó

-sophomore Jessica Riley


ÒCan I still have a favorite mountain even if I donÕt ski or snowboard? I saw this awesome helmetcam video by a skier at Sugarbush. It looked like he was going down a waterslide!Ó

-senior Katie Seelen