Cynic 2.0 to see the return of the B-side

The Cynic is going to look a little different when we come back.

First and foremost, the Cynic will be coming out Wednesday mornings next semester.

A nice, middle-of-the-week paper seems better for our readers to get ahold of and gives us the opportunity to provide you with as much new news as possible.

WeÕll be adding more Cynic stands at various downtown locations, including coffee shops and Pearl Street Beverage.

So if youÕre living off-campus next year, no need to worry, you can pick up your copy of the paper each week with a coffee or a beer.

We are also bringing back the artsy section of the Cynic, formerly called the ÒB-Side.Ó

The B-Side ran from Jan. 2007 to 2009 as a separate part of the Cynic, commonly referred to as the ÒfunÓ part in comparison to the hard news.

WeÕre not exactly sure why it stopped, but most likely it was due to the high cost and amount of work it required of the staff.

This time around, weÕre more prepared and structured to make this a success.

So look out for the new-and- improved B-Side next semester.

It will contain music and film reviews, coverage of arts shows and all of the content that our current Arts section displays.

We will also be asking for reader-submitted contentÑeverything from poetry to illustrations to photosÑand will include the satire and general humor of the old B-Side.

It will be a pull-out section in the middle of the paper, the artsy alternative to the hard news that will surround it.

We will also be launching a new website next semester. This will allow us to be able to constantly appeal to our readers and will give us the opportunity to expand our online and multimedia presence.

Speaking of multimedia, look out for more interactive opportunities on our website next semester, as well as more video coverage to supplement our regular news.

If you donÕt already, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and make sure to check your email to fill out our readership survey for a chance to win free swag.

And of course, if you have any comments or suggestions for the Cynic or are interested in joining, donÕt hesitate to email us at [email protected]