Sanders is blaming climate change for ISIS

Kate Lipman

Sen. Bernie Sanders, UVM’s beloved candidate, has claimed repeatedly that climate change is “the biggest national security threat facing the United States.”

He has gone so far as to say that ISIS is a “symptom” of climate change. President Barack Obama followed his lead, declaring that his attendance of the climate summit in Paris this week will be a “powerful rebuke to the terrorists.”

I am sure when the leaders of ISIS heard this they fell out of their chairs laughing, while many concerned citizens of the United States and other countries cringed with horror.
What has this country come to, that after a terrorist attack on an ally, the president openly says that a climate conference, of all things, will rebuke terrorists? Ridiculous.

As if going to a climate conference is our best tool against terrorists who are more interested in waging a global jihad.

I think if the President had said something along the lines of “global leaders will still meet all in one place because we will not cower in fear be- fore this threat” it would have gone over much better with the public, because that statement would show strength and perhaps even have created support for the climate conference on both sides of the political spectrum.

However, this claim that the content of the conference will rebuke the terrorists, as supposed to simply the meeting of world leaders without fear of attack, is unrealistic.

There is not a war against Mother Nature. Climate change has not created ISIS. Armed killers following a radical Islamic ideology are the problem.

Sanders said that if we do not stop climate change, we are going to see groups like ISIS spring up everywhere. He claims “they’re going to be struggling over limited amounts of water, limited amounts of land to grow their crops. And [we’re] going to see all kinds of international conflict.”
ISIS is not killing (more often than not publicly beheading) Syrian soldiers and civilians, Lebanese soldiers and civilians, Kurdish soldiers, Americans (for example journalist James Foley).

They are not killing Israelis (for example journalist Steven Sotloff, the British (for example David Haines who was working with a humanitarian relief group), Afghani civilians, the French (for example hiker Hervé Gourdel), Iraqis (for example reporter Raad al-Azzawi who was murdered along with his entire family), the Japanese (for example Haruna Yukawa and Kenji Goto) and Ethiopians because they want some water.

They are killing innocent people with no mercy, remorse or conscience because they believe those who do not agree with their religious ideology should be removed from the earth.
That is called radicalism and it is not caused by climate change.