Megabust: campus bus stop relocated

Apparently 30 grams of crack cocaine is the final straw.

Megabus, which offers a low cost travel option for students, has been removed from its on-campus stop after a fifth drug bust in the past eight months.

Thomas Gustafson, UVM vice president for administration and university relations, said that they tried to make it work and accommodate, however this last bust caused them to move the stop to the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Burlington.

The Cynic believes that this is unnecessary and unproductive. These drug busts did not involve students nor did they impact students directly with the exception of the bus stop existing on campus.

What the administration fails to understand is that this decision negatively impacts students while not solving the greater problem.

Since students are not involved or directly affected by the drug trafficking, it is not reasonable to make their travel more difficult.

The relocation of the Megabus stop has several implications for current and prospective students.

This decision forces on-campus students to find a way to get downtown, suitcases and luggage in hand.

Many students, especially those who would take the Megabus, do not have cars and have trouble finding transportation as it is. This just adds to the inconvenience of traveling to and from school.

As winter approaches, students without transportation to the new Megabus location would have an over 30-minute walk in the snow.

ItÕs either that or hoping that the city bus system comes on timeÑwhich happens less often than Megabus drug bustsÑand then isnÕt too crowded to fit your suitcases and two months of dirty laundry for your mom to do.

Furthermore, the on-campus Megabus stop was a huge draw for prospective students when deciding on how to get to school, especially since UVM appeals to so many out-of-state students.

But if the University is intent upon keeping the Megabus off-campus, the administration needs to provide transportation to the new stop for students.

This needs to come in the form of a shuttle or expanded off-campus CATS bus route.

But right now, this decision serves only to inconvenience students, punishing them for the crimes of random drug traffickers.