Point Counterpoint: Trump, Carson and a ton of fools Counterpoint: They are not the only ones

Kate Lipman

The 2016 Presidential race has been very interesting so far, particularly on the Republican side with so many candidates this time around.

Dana Elleman

In terms of the argument of my counterpart, I have to disagree on a few of his points. All of the candidates except for Trump, Fiorina and Carson, are politicians, with more experience than Barack Obama when he was first elected.

While I do agree that it is important to have some political experience before becoming president, I believe that integrity, intelligence and honesty are important which one candidate in particular is seriously lacking.

Experience is only good if it is successful, in which case the Democratic candidates are lacking. This includes Martin O’Malley with his rain tax in Maryland, and Hillary Clinton, though it seems her supporters have forgotten how she left the Middle East in flames and abandoned an ambassador and three others to die because she was more concerned about optics than doing what was right. 

Our government is supposed to be ‘by the people for the people’ and not run by a political elite.

It is up to the people to decide whom they would like to support, whether or not they have political experience.

Right now some of the Republican Party is taking a look at these outsiders because they are fed up with career politicians who are so entrenched in Washington and paid off by their donors that they no longer care what the people want.

A good example of this is in action today is the New Hampshire State House. While I personally support Marco Rubio, I certainly understand where Trump, Carson and Fiorina supporters are coming from in wanting someone who is not a Washington insider.

I also believe that while Trump has little to no political experience, his professional experience growing a business empire certainly gives him a better understanding of how the economy works than a socialist who honeymooned in the Soviet Union.

Republicans liking Donald Trump and Ben Carson does not make them desperate and agenda driven. In fact it makes them the opposite.

If they were desperate and agenda driven they would not give a candidate like Trump the time of day, they would only look at the typical politicians my counterpart seems so fond of. In my opinion desperate and agenda driven is voting for someone even though you know they lied to the American Public and Congress, like Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.

Agenda-driven and desperate is also when someone will vote along the party line no matter what, as is the case with many Democrats I know who say though they “hate” Clinton.

They will vote for her in the general election to keep a Republican out of office.

Our democracy is based on the concept that we the people should have self–determination and the power to govern ourselves, so I do not see the point in attacking Republicans for supporting candidates they believe in, because that is part of what our country is all about.