SGA Senator Jake Guarino Allocates and Advocates for Students

The University of Vermont has over 170 student-run clubs, and each of them needs some money to help them get off the ground. That’s where SGA Sen. Jake Guarino, a junior, comes in. Guarino sits on the finance committee where he’s charged with addressing the financial needs of clubs, from cheerleading to the Beekeeping Club.

He knows his work is critical.

“UVM has major clubs, and students might come to college for those clubs,” Guarino said. “Being able to finance these clubs is very important for UVM.”

Allocating money through the finance committee provides Guarino a way to give back to a school that’s given him so much. Through Guarino’s studies here at UVM, he has been able to grow both academically and professionally, having earned a spot on the Dean’s List while simultaneously landing several internships in both the Burlington area and in New York City. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of UVM alumni, and he is extremely grateful for the connections he has made over the last three years.

Guarino, an economics major with a double minor in finance and political science, hails from Rutland, Vermont. After being voted into SGA, he evaluated his strengths and decided to pursue the finance committee, which he joined in January 2015.

His experience from previous finance internships in New York City along with his talent of working well in a team made him a great candidate for his current position.

SGA is a collaboration of students. Each member must be able to come to conclusions as a team, especially when it comes to numbers. Guarino’s main role is to provide funding to University clubs and allocate money to them yearly, although members of clubs can come in during the year and request more money as well.

Guarino does this all to serve the students of the University and act as a liaison between the administration and the students.

“It’s a very fulfilling job because I get to see the interworking of the University while also serving students,” Guarino said.