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Mini opinions: best food to cure the munchies 

Ayelet Kaminski

If you left Redstone on 4/20 feeling ravenous and not sure how to satisfy your hunger, you’re not alone. 

Every day, hundreds of UVM students suffering from the munchies wander campus, dazed and confused, searching for their next high meal. Luckily, the opinion staff is here to help.

Here are our picks for the best home remedies for the munchies. 

Katerina Jerine – Five Guys

I know it sounds basic, but the first time I ever got high I came home to my dad offering to order Five Guys because he didn’t feel like cooking that night. 

I swear, he looked into my bloodshot eyes and knew I was in dire need of some greasy, heartburn-inducing food. 

It was the best burger and fries I’ve ever had. 

Emma Dinsmore – Domino’s

My best friend and I have made a tradition out of ordering Domino’s on Friday nights—affectionately known by us as “Dominhoes.” 

This ritual has become one of my favorite parts of my week, as I have developed a slight addiction to every garlicy, cheesy product Domino’s sells.

There is truly nothing better than their parmesan bread bites and pepperoni pizza. No matter how often I eat it, I could never get tired of it.

Luna Tibbals – Indian food 

It is not easy to be a princess, locked away in a big, scary castle—Converse Hall.

Not only do I have to climb five flights of stairs in an elevator-less building every day, but there’s also no vending machine or dining hall connected to the building. I absolutely refuse to get properly inebriated without access to snacks. 

So, on Friday nights, I can be seen making my voyage to the Trinity cottages, where my favorite group of lesbians gather on a weekly basis. 

Common themes of these hangouts include: reenactments of Jojo Siwa’s “Karma” dance, the Deaf West bootleg of “Spring Awakening” and someone’s pen dying halfway through the night, followed by doordashing. 

Genuinely every place in Burlington that serves chicken tikka masala after 7 p.m. has profited off my stoned ass doordashing this school year. It is far too convenient that there is an Indian restaurant right across the street from Trinity. 

Anyway, if you’ve never dipped garlic naan into warm chicken tikki after smoking a bowl with some butches, you’re missing out. 

Abby Philips – Ramen 

Nothing is better at curing the munchies and a bad case of cottonmouth than ramen. 

I prefer the chicken flavor topped with a generous hand of shredded mozzarella cheese and hot sauce. I always burn the crap out of my mouth, but I enjoy the numbing feeling of the boiling hot noodles and copious amounts of hot sauce. 

To elevate your treat, combine ramen with a cup of mac and cheese for the ultimate comfort meal. 

Lucas Martineau – Dim Sum

This Chinese brunch staple has a special place in my heart and stomach.

From savory soup dumplings filled with ginger and pork broth to chewy steamed shrimp rice rolls, I am a fan of all foods under the dim sum banner.

Yes, even the chicken feet.

To get dim sum in Burly, I recommend Café Dim Sum on St. Paul Street. The only problem is you may find it hard to stop ordering.

Olivia Langlan – Mexican Food 

With explosions of flavors that hit every time, my response is simple: Mexican food. 

Whether it’s a burrito, tacos or even fresh tortilla chips with a guacamole ratio that puts the “dip” in “chips and dip,” Mexican cuisine never ever disappoints.  

It’s warm, it’s spicy and so very versatile. The options are truly endless and so is the flavor. 

Ayelet Kaminski – Skinny Pancake

Last, but not least. I couldn’t, in good conscience, allow Skinny P. to go unmentioned in a conversation about having the munchies at UVM. 

If you’ve ever gone to Skinny Pancake after 10 p.m. on a Saturday night, you’ll know that the only customers who aren’t high at that hour are drunk. 

It’s no secret that late night food options on campus—and by late night, I mean past 8 p.m.—are few and far between. Outside of the token vending machine in every residence hall, Skinny Pancake is often the only choice for sustenance past a certain hour. 

The food itself isn’t too shabby either—plus you’d be hard pressed to find anything that sounds better when you’re stoned than a crêpe. 

Classics are classics for a reason. 

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About the Contributor
Ayelet Kaminski
Ayelet Kaminski, Opinion Editor
(She/her) Ayelet Kaminski is a sophomore microbiology major and psychology minor from New Haven, CT. She started at the Cynic as a columnist in the fall of 2022 and quickly fell in love with the opinion section. In her free time, Ayelet enjoys glassblowing, reading and linocutting. Email [email protected] to get in contact with Ayelet.