Trump supporters looking to repeal 19th Amendment

This election just continues to surprise me.

A new trend among Trump supporters has begun, and it is no surprise to me that it happens to be concurrent with Trump’s current series of losses in most polls.

According to RealClearPolitics, Trump is losing in every swing state, polls after the second debate say he lost and the current outpouring of past evidence of Trump’s sexual exploits and abusive comments about women have essentially lost the election for him.

He is losing because of his long history of tumultuous and (at best) questionable relationships with women.

This is why Hillary Clinton is winning the female vote by a historic margin. It might be women and African-American voters who save this election.

Anyway, Trump, as well as his supporters, have been breaking down over this, as they tend to have an aversion to losing.The fact that they actually are losing seems to be sending them into a complete meltdown, and the situation has actually devolved to the point that Trump’s supporters are considering repealing the 19th amendment.

Yes, you read that right. Trump supporters have been rallying to repeal women’s suffrage to allow Trump to get elected.

Now, I think it would be degrading to our readers to explain what is wrong with this. I’m going to assume that anyone with a brain can recognize the unethical nature of this proposal.

Rather, I’d like to comment on what this says about Donald Trump’s base.

Every time the crazy and bombastic nature of his supporters is brought up, someone inevitably says that it isn’t Trump’s fault. This can easily be refuted.

For starters, Trump has prompted his supporters to be violent at his rallies earlier this year and late last year.

At one point during his rally in Iowa, he told his supporters to “knock the hell out of them” in reference to any protesters, even offering to pay his supporters’ legal fees. The ones who received the worst treatment happened to be people of color.

It isn’t far-fetched to suggest that Trump had a perverted enjoyment of the chaos that ensued at his rallies. This alone should be troubling.

However, even if he never explicitly told his supporters to commit violence against dissenters — he did — it should say something about this presidential candidate that his supporters are such a rabid and aggressive group.

They seem to operate as a sort of cult, loyal to Trump through anything he does even though he doesn’t have any coherent policy, or any sign of intelligence for that matter.

At a Mike Pence speech, one supporter threatened to revolt if Trump lost, and to Pence’s credit, he responded “There is a revolution coming Nov. 8.” At least Trump’s running mate is somewhat sensible.

But I ask you: What does it say about a candidate that his base of voters aim to repeal the 19th amendment after tapes of him bragging about sexually assaulting women are revealed?

Most politicians would have had their careers utterly destroyed by making much tamer comments about women, but instead of shock and outrage, his dumber supporters instead moved to stop women from being able to vote in the first place.

This should be very disturbing to you for a few reasons.

1. It shows that Trump voters are willing to stick with him no matter what he does. In his own words, “I could go to 5th avenue and shoot someone and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” This, he’s right about. He has incurred fierce loyalty across the Republican base.

2. This loyalty and drive to get Trump elected displays a severe lack of empathy for those who have not subscribed to Trump’s movement. These people are willing to step over half of the population to achieve their goal. I find this to be eerily similar to how Trump made his name in business.

This week, we have seen more evidence for why Trump supporters are un-empathetic, anti-intellectual and cult-like. The fact that they relate to Trump so closely should be a red flag for Trump himself.

They truly are a basket of deplorables.