Boss, Goat, Quote


Goat: Lance Armstrong

As innocent as he sounds and as much as I would love to believe his “the USADA case is tiring me and my family out and that’s why I’m not fighting it” excuse, Lance Armstrong is a doper. It’s hard to justify why such a fan-friendly and easy to root for guy would juice, but we’ve seen it before – you can reference Big Papi. The thing that pisses me off is that Armstrong won’t admit it. At least Papi admitted to and apologized for it; Armstrong is just making excuses. He’s a goat for tarnishing the hope and will to be a champion for a generation’s worth of kids and losing any sort of credibility as a professional athlete by playing innocent and denying it. He has, however, created and operated an amazing charity, and his ability and success in helping people cannot be denied.


Boss: Andy Roddick

Even if he loses, he’s certainly made America proud. Since 2000, Roddick has provided us with much entertainment and a serve that was always fun to watch. In 2003, he became the youngest American to hold the world no. 1 spot since computer rankings started in 1973 and the first since Andre Agassi to hold that spot for a full year. Now he’s putting a last effort in to finish off his career strong and, in my opinion, he’s already made that point. At age 30, after this tournament, Roddick will retire and join the ranks of the best American players to ever play the game.


Quote: “Tell Peyton I need a job.”

Donte Stallworth to Broncos’ running back Willis McGahee after being released from the Patriots’ roster