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Despite being a state that takes pride in its history and ski culture, Vermont had yet to produce a film that comprehensively covers its diverse range of skiing.

To make matters worse, most of the local ski hills that represent the backbone of skiing have been neglected, their significance forgotten until now.

Local filmmakers Tyler and Elliot Wilkinson-Ray run the Vermont film company “T-Bar Films.”

Their first film “United We Ski” explores the rich history of Vermont ski hills.

Hard’ack, Northeast Slopes and Cochran’s Ski Area illustrate the extensive and diverse history of skiing in this state and the hit that these areas and others have taken in the last few decades.

However, many communities have recognized the importance of keeping these family areas alive and have banded together in support.

They believe that skiing has an important place in Vermont history and it is the community’s responsibility to fight to keep it from becoming elitist.

So important is this philosophy that some of these areas survive heavily on donation and have formed a commune-like system of labor to keep the rope tows running and tickets inexpensive—or free.

The film illustrates the importance of making sure that everybody, regardless of socio-economic status, gets the opportunity to ski local hills and take part in this winter tradition.

Whether your preference is freestyle, snowboarding or racing, you’re always welcome and have a place to ski or ride.

Peppered with cameos from local Olympic athletes and talented Vermont skiers and riders, the film demonstrates the full range of ability, and the lofty levels of competition that local skiers have been able to achieve.

Many of these talented men and women cut their teeth at places like Cochran’s and continue to give back to the communities and areas that helped them develop their skills.

With a soundtrack and footage of Vermont in all seasons, this film keeps pace with even the highest-budgeted ski films.

The juxtaposition of ski footage from the 1950s with the modern use of a camera-mounted helicopter illustrates the progress ski films have experienced over the last century.

Whether you have an appreciation for Vermont history, want to explore the state’s ski industry, or can simply appreciate the talent of local athletes, “United We Ski” has something for everyone.