Club sports featured team of the week

On a typical Sunday morning here at UVM, students can often be heard chatting about the action-packed hockey game from the night before or placing bets on how the upcoming basketball game is going to pan out.

However, these students fail to recognize that the club squash team may have had a match the same weekend, or that the club fencing team might just have beat a big rival. Students tend to overlook these teams, along with the 53 other club teams on campus, because they don’t hear about them as often.

This is all about to change with the start of The Vermont Cynic’s “Featured Team of the Week,” which will be getting into full swing next semester. A chosen club team will be highlighted every week in the Cynic Sports section, while students can find recaps of games and athlete interviews on the UVM club sports’ channel on YouTube.

“Our project is focused on giving some recognition to our club sports teams here at UVM, in order to raise awareness not only about the club sports program in general, but about the individual achievements of each club sport team,” club sports Marketing Assistant Hailey Ronconi said.

In the upcoming spring semester, students can tune in every Thursday to watch videos, interviews or just learn about various club sports.

“Our featured pieces will hopefully help promote the teams and show what they have to offer,” says Ronconi.

Regardless of interests, students will be able to find a club sport that they are interested in and want to hear more about. From badminton to hoop dancing, all of these teams are Catamounts, and new fans are always welcome.