NFL picks week two

Here it is….the first week of NFL picks, sorry it’s week 2! Each week three of the cynic staff members, plus a guest, will select their predictions for the best five games of the week. This week’s guest is Cynic Opinions Editor Jeff Ayers. If you want to be a guest predictor in next weeks issue, email [email protected]

Writers: WA- Will Andreycak- Sports Editor/DG- Diana Giunta- Senior Staff Writer/ EZ- Eli Zink- Senior Staff Writer


New England Patriots @ New York Jets


Last year the Jets established themselves in the AFC East early in the season with an enormous victory over New England. They have an opportunity to do the same this year as they are pitted in an early season matchup against their archrivals.

Tom Brady’s “I hate the Jets” comment this past offseason will be locker room material for the Jets who will, of course, bring relentless pressure on Brady and the Pats. The Patriots look to bounce back after a first round playoff loss to the Ravens last year and win the division yet again. If the Patriots are going to win this game they have to match the pressure of the Jets and find a way to pick apart the Jets blitz schemes, much easier said than done.

The key for the Jets, in this game and the season, is the play of second-year quarterback Mark Sanchez. Sanchez has been ripped in the pre-season because of his inconsistent performance, but all he has to do is make easy throws against the Pats and the Jets will win. The running game can, and will, carry the Jets in most games and the special teams, coached by wiz Mark Westhoff, are phenomenal. The Jets defense is going to make an example out of Brady and a statement to the rest of the AFC and the NFL.


(WA) New York Jets

(DG) New England Patriots

(EZ) New England Patriots

(JA) New England Patriots


Chicago Bears @ Dallas Cowboys


Tony Romo and the Cowboys are expecting big things entering this season and an early stumble is simply not acceptable. The Bears are extremely inconsistent, mostly because their quarterback, Jay Cutler, is arguably the most talented quarterback in the league but cannot use that talent on a week-to-week basis. The Cowboys are going to pressure Cutler into throwing multiple interceptions and the Cowboys’ offense will roll.



(WA) Dallas Cowboys

(DG) Dallas Cowboys

(EZ) Chicago Bears

(JA) Dallas Cowboys


Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tennessee Titans


If Mike Tomlin is truly a great coach we will find out in the first four weeks of the season. Without Ben Roethlisberger, Dennis Dixon will take the role of starting quarterback. Dixon was a standout dual threat quarterback for the Oregon Ducks a few years back and can make a lot of plays that most NFL quarterbacks cannot.

Its hard to see the Titans dropping a game like this after all the momentum they had at the end of last season. But don’t be surprised if Vince Young takes a step back early in the season. Chris Johnson will get his yards but Young will throw a few interceptions and which will cause the Titan offense to sputter. In a surprise outcome the running game and defense of the Steelers will edge out Chris Johnson and the Titans.


(WA) Pittsburg Steelers

(DG) Tennesse Titans

(EZ) Tennesse Titans

(JA) Tennesse Titans


New York Giants @ Indianapolis Colts


The battle of brothers Manning will be the headline in this game. Besides the sibling rivalry, not much else will be interesting. Colts roll.


(WA) Indianapolis Colts

(DG) Indianapolis Colts

(EZ) Indianapolis Colts

(JA) Indianapolis Colts


Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals


Besides New England @ New York, this is the best game of the weekend. The Bengals are thirsty to prove themselves within the division after going undefeated in the AFC North last year. The Ravens are improved, as are the Bengals. Expect this game to be extremely physical with the Ravens edging out Cincinnati by a field goal.


(WA) Baltimore Ravens

(DG) Baltimore Ravens

(EZ) Baltimore Ravens

(JA) Baltimore Ravens