Scoreless on the ice prior to overtime

Stephan Toljan, Senior Staff Writer

Men’s hockey goalie Stefanos Lekkas, a junior, stopped all shots Feb. 22 during regulation minutes as the team tried to secure their playoff spot.

Lekkas stopped all of the goal attempts by Boston University during three periods of regulation. The Bobcats scored the only goal of the game in overtime minutes.

The men’s hockey team played Boston University Feb. 22 and Feb. 23 and lost both games, according to UVM athletics.

The Feb. 22 1-0 loss means UVM won’t qualify for the playoffs, but they have two games left in their regular season, head coach Kevin Sneddon said.

UVM also lost to BU Feb. 23 2-1, according to UVM athletics.

Despite this loss, by the end of the third period of the Feb. 22 game, junior goalie Stefanos Lekkas had stopped all 40 shots-on-goal by BU.

Sneddon said that the team will still bring everything they have to the ice.

“We’re a very hard-working group,” he said. “We’re going to play our hearts out for the next two games.”

BU led UVM in shots 5-1 eight minutes into the Feb. 22 game in a lead that would continue for the rest of the game.

A BU player drove to the net, but junior defenseman Jake Massie kept the puck out.

Richard Vlaicu, a Vermont fan from Ottawa, Ontario, said that he was enjoying the game.

“It’s been a good game [so far],” he said. “It’s very fast, very physical hockey. We are used to seeing the Canadian league.”

UVM closed out the first period with three saves, two from Lekkas and one from Massie.

The first power play came three minutes into the game when UVM sophomore defenseman Christian Evers was penalized for slashing.

UVM was able to prevent  them from scoring, but BU led in shots 17-7.

Vermont’s first power play came five minutes later.

Following a UVM shot attempt, both forward Liam Coughlin, a senior, and forward Alex Esposito, a sophomore, fought with BU players.

Coughlin was penalized for roughing, giving Boston another power play.

Lekkas ended   the period with a save.

After three minutes into the third period, BU gained control and made two scoring drives. Lekkas then saved both shots.

Twelve minutes into the period, Lekkas made a save and gained a standing ovation from the crowd.

The officials examined the shot and ruled it as a no-goal.

First-year Vanessa Dykstra, a pep band member, said she enjoys playing the trumpet at the games.

“We play short cheers for in between plays, but also contemporary artists,” she said. “There are so many songs we play.”

During the five-minute overtime period, Sneddon pulled Lekkas and put another player on the ice.

Ten seconds later, BU gained possession and scored.

Sneddon said that although he and the team were disappointed with the loss, he was proud of his players.

“They put great effort into tonight’s game and they were awesome in practice,” he said.

UVM’s next game is March 1 at the University of Connecticut.