Working over break

For most college students, spring break is a vacation. For many student-athletes, it’s a week that could make or break a season, senior men’s lacrosse player Dan DiStefano said.

Spring break emerged as a tradition for college students in 1958 when an English professor from Michigan State wrote a novel entailing the events that some of his male students partook in over their “spring break,” according to The New York Times.

“Spring break gives people some time to relax and take their mind off of school ,” senior Michael Regan said.  “People can do different things like go on vacation or even just visit friends or family.”

The UVM men’s lacrosse team, however, uses the spring break time to compete against teams from different areas of the country.

In the past they traveled to Virginia to play the powerhouse University of Virginia Cavaliers, as well as other major teams throughout the area.

This year, they will end their trip taking on the Georgetown University lacrosse team in Washington, D.C.

“Some kids go to Cancun or some place warm, and we spend it with the guys on the team, and we kind of have our own little break where we have fun, see different things, but at the same time it’s still in season; we have business to take care of,” DiStefano said.

For their team, DiStefano said it’s a time to get away from the distractions of school and campus and strictly focus on the team.

“This is a point in the season where everyone starts to come together as a team,” DiStefano said. “All the players take the time to work towards their goal of finishing out spring break on the road with a few wins, ending with our final game against Georgetown.”

During spring break the men’s basketball team will be right in the middle of their play-off run.

The Catamounts have the potential to play in an America East quarterfinal matchup on March 4 and the semifinals on March 8.

“I’m excited for basketball over the break, but my least favorite part is that most students aren’t on campus so we don’t get the strong student fan base at our games,” junior forward, Ethan O’Day said.

Over break, the basketball team will receive some down time, but will still be practicing, lifting and watching films each day to prepare for the postseason, O’Day said.

“My favorite thing about basketball during spring break is that the America East tournament starts,” O’Day said.  “It’s the most exciting and important time of the year to play.”