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Brands shouldn’t be driven by memes

Brands shouldn’t be driven by memes

Henry Mitchell

February 20, 2020

For years, I’ve tried ignoring brands’ attempts at keeping their image up to date. But with “Baby Nut,” I think brands have to stop fixating on social media. Baby Nut is the new image of Planters peanuts. After the tragic “death” of their previous mascot, Mr. Peanut, the company brought...

On Cynic ads and politics

February 24, 2015

Dear Editor,I write in response to Mr. Joseph Brown’s editorial response to a letter of concern sent in by the student group Voices for Planned Parenthood that appeared in the Jan. 25, 2015 publication.I am not a member of VOX and this letter does not represent the views of that group in any official...

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